Welcome to the Realm's End Gamer's Interface.

We are studying a number of psychological aspects of digital game playing and entertainment. These involve what attracts players to different types of games, what keeps them playing, what skills are necessary for different types of games, and aspects of violence in video games.

You are invited to contribute to this research in one of two ways. For now, you can fill out any of the following questionnaires on a one by one basis:

  • Video Games and Emotional States
  • Video Game Immersion and Presence
  • Skills Necessary for Playing a Video Game
  • Video Game Addiction
  • Factors of Attraction

    In the future, you will be able to register as a member of our panel of gamers. To register as a panel member, you will enter an email address and a password. You will be sent a confirmation email and then and fill out a questionnaire about yourself.

    As a panel member, you will be asked to complete several surveys and a number of cognitive tasks that will help us profile your preferences and your gaming skills.

    After you have completed the entry level, you will have access to our game research information and can submit your opinions and thoughts about particular games and trends in the gaming industry in our wiki.

    This research is being conducted by Dr. Kent L. Norman, Chief Scientist of the Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Making in the Department of Psychology and an affiliate of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

    Registration Procedure